The Society

Sotilasperinteen Seura / The Finnish Society for Military Traditions was established in 1997 in order to provide a focal point for persons interested in studying and preserving military traditions.

What are “military traditions”?

The term “military traditions” is interpreted in a broad sense. Some of the subjects covered are listed below.

– uniforms, insignia, flags, orders and medals
– military customs (professional soldiers and conscripts)
– traditions of the various groups of professional soldiers
– military etiquette
– garrison life, mess traditions
– military music
– military language

Aims and activities

The Society aims to further the study, collecting and preserving of both Finnish and international military traditions and also to support and encourage living traditions.

The Society supports the research activities of its members by arranging lectures, discussions and information events, by publishing activities and by establishing links to other related organisations (the Finnish defence forces, academic institutions, museums, historical and other societies).

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